[MagTF] MommyTeachMeSlicing - Challenge by WelloWorld

MommyTeachMeSlicing is a medium Steganography challenge.
At first, you get a zip includes 100 files named <number>.png . You should try open and them and you will see you can't. We know that '8950' is the magic numbers of the PNG, let's see what is wrong with that.

We can see a very little changes between every two close numbers such as 1.png and 2.png.
You should research and understand that every picture was XORed with the number of the name (1.png with 1, 2.png with 2). Then you should make a script to 'translate' these files to PNGs. After that you can't really see something in the pictures, just some weird black and white lines in very wide picture without height at all.
You understand that every picture symbolizes part of a big picture, So you try to merge them all: 

And you will get a qr code contains the flag: MagTF{I_L0VE_5LICING}


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