Challenge by - 5cr0ll, Daniel Sagi

PSRF Challenge description: > Swisslock is a new company in the Kubernetes security business. Are they worth it? First time in the website, we don’t see anything special aside from a textbox and some images. side note: there is an open text box, but you won’t get very far by trying web-related vulnerabilities ;) After viewing the page source we see that the file is really long, after scrolling to the bottom we see the first hint! [Read More]

[Juniors CTF] Scam

Writeup by ipu

The Task Grandpa! I paid one hacker 5 thousand rubles and he cheated on me! I asked him to hack the e-diary and make my marks better. He did nothing and disappeared! Don’t worry, I have fellows, who will help us to find him. Tell me where did you find him. I found a telegram bot, there was an anonymous chat for hackers with disappearing messages mode on. The only thing I can tell — his id in this chat is 13. [Read More]