[noxCTF] Muhammad Ali

Challenge by JohnE

Challenge description: Muhammad Ali: “I’ve Ceen Many Pictures of Knocking-out in my career” special idea: 1)The main idea of the challenge is ICMP Knocking. 2)This is not a Stego challenge, this is a Networking challenge! 3)solving without understanding(frame contains “flag”/“noxctf”,follow each tcp stream) will lead you to stego dead end. Writeup: At the beginning of the challenge we get a description: Muhammad Ali: “I’ve Ceen Many Pictures of Knocking-out in my career” ok, it seems like we need to search picture files of knockouts inside the pcap file. [Read More]

[noxCTF] Reverse

Challenge by JohnE

Note: this is not a Reverse challenge Note: change the flag format from noxctf{X-X-X} to noxCTF{X_X_X} Writeup At the beginning of the challenge we get an executable file, that looks like cmd. Lets start running commands and look if we see something suspicious But so far it seems like normal limited cmd. When we call the ‘netstat’ command we get a constant output: Netstat- Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections. [Read More]

[noxCTF] SUBliminal

Challenge by JohnE

Challenge description: “SUBliminal is an Israeli rapper that eschew from Illegal things. (don’t smoke weed everyday)“. goo.gl/pSGubK special idea: 1. To understand that we interested in the data of the packet that has been sent from illegal subnet ip. 2. To understand that illegal subnet address is an address that belong to subnet(start with 10 or 192) and don’t implement the rest of the mask: 10.0.0.? Writeup: So, at the beginning of the challenge we get a note: “SUBliminal is an Israeli rapper that eschew from Illegal things. [Read More]

[Juniors CTF] Typical Admin, but...

Writeup by ipu

The task: Rick was developing a patch for time machine, but his love for alcohol products slowed the process. The only thing he managed is to write one line of code, and booze finished the rest. After finishing work on the project he was able to behold his creation more sober eyes. Then he got drunk again. As it turned out, clouding his mind, Rick did not create a workable patch, just a puzzle. [Read More]

[Juniors CTF] the Salvation of Liberty

Writeup by ipu

The task Abradolf Lincler decided to destroy the most valuable monument on earth. To this end, he has selected the top 10 monuments and photographed each to have a final choice. Rick tried to stop him, but all he managed to get somewhat of hard disks from his computer. Rick also learned that Lincler chosen for its sinister action of the Statue of Liberty. Find out in what city Lincler preparing your act of vandalism to stop him. [Read More]

[MagTF] Crypto1sFun

Challenge by WelloWorld

So, this is a medium-hard crypto challenge with a little bit of forensic. The solver gets a server and port and a description says: “Today you will learn to work with two important mechanisms: The first one is very known today as a good mechanism, and the second one is old and not used today as normal mechanism.” The mechanisms are: Deffie-Hellman key exchange and the WEP for wifi authentication (wifi is not really here). [Read More]

[RC3-2017 CTF] Catastrophe

Writeup by WelloWorld

In the beginning, you get a Pcap file that contains 3200 packets of data. The description told us that while one friend went to somewhere and forgot his computer open, his friend took his computer and entered to sites of cat pics. He want to know more about what his friend did and luckily for him, he forgot his Wireshark on. So we know we’re searching for cat pics right now. [Read More]