[MagTF] ValleyOfDeath

Challenge By WelloWorld and Shahar Snitovski

So this challenge is meant to be a regex challenge with some trolling and make it more harder. At the beginning, the user get a file named P. This file is a XZ compressed data by tar.xz. After user decompressed the file, he will get a folder about 550 subfolders depth(e.g. subfolder 1 is inside P and subfolder 2 is inside 1 and so on). When he gets the last file named con (zip file), he will need to open it and see that it is another folder contains 550 subfolders, So he should make a code that does it. [Read More]

[MagTF] rEVEenge!

Challenge by WelloWorld

Hey there. The solvers start the challenge as they open the folder contains pcap file, and an ELF file. IMPORTANT NOTE: This ELF is not to be reversed although I made some encryptions to the strings and even then it would be hard to deal with. As the run the ELF they see the next lines written by Eve, Bob first love (before Alice): Hey Bob, Its EVE. Do you remember me? [Read More]

[MagTF] NothingToSee

Challenge by WelloWorld

NothingToSee is an easy-medium steganography task I have wrote in-order to show a method of using visual way to see things. You get one PNG file, with nothing you can see. To solve that, you must to look on the alpha channels in the picture, you can see that all the alphas are 0 or 1 so you save it all as a string in case it’s related to binary data. [Read More]

[MagTF] Crypto1sFun

Challenge by WelloWorld

So, this is a medium-hard crypto challenge with a little bit of forensic. The solver gets a server and port and a description says: “Today you will learn to work with two important mechanisms: The first one is very known today as a good mechanism, and the second one is old and not used today as normal mechanism.” The mechanisms are: Deffie-Hellman key exchange and the WEP for wifi authentication (wifi is not really here). [Read More]